My Trans Am is almost stock, matching numbers, original cat., air pump and other EGR is still on and functional. It is a California car with no rust, no cracks in interior but some fine cracks in paint. The former owner was a girl, i think (Crystal Pincus), sold it in 1986 !! and the car came to Denmark. It didn't get registrated due to the incredible high registration taxes in Denmark, until I bought it in dec. 2000. It had 85K miles on the odometer. It runs and handles very well, although it only has been driven occasionally in the last 14 years.
403 cui (6.6 litre) Oldsmobile engine, 185 HP, 440 Nm - Dyno now says more ++   ;-)
Problems I have had: - waterpump

Problems I have had: - leaking oilpan gasket
leaking oilpump gasket
Stock unit with limited slip
Problems I have had:
The WS6 handling package, despite the drumbrakes,
original Hi-jackers.

Problems I have had: none
Discs front, drums rear
Problems I have had: worn pads and lining, leaking mastercylinder.
Exhaust and Intake:
Problems I have had:
clogged cat.
New exhaust 2 x 2.5 inch with Flowtech mufflers.
Opened hood scoop. Resulted in better perfomance
and mileage.