1. Universal Studios' American Graffiti Site
Jam-packed with stories about the automobiles, film clips, a "Where are they now?" section, and more.
2. The Unoffical American Graffiti Home Page
A great site featuring a movie clip, pictures of the cast, lobby cards, collectible information, and more.
3. American Graffiti at Lindsay's drive-in
Contains the American Graffiti yearbook, pictures, trivia, and more.
4. American Graffiti site by Lucasfan
A fantastic site complete with cast information, sounds, statistics, awards, tons of pictures, and more.
5. Mike Ray's American Graffiti Page
Features an original desktop theme and more.
6. Mels Drive In
A great site about the diners also in American Graffiti.
7. American Graffiti at the Internet Movie Database
This always dependable database features quotes, links, credits, a soundtrack listing and more.
8. American Graffiti at Ravecentral.com
Contains a complete listing of the cast, books, CDs, videos, and more.